Joyous Year 2018

Joyous Year 2018

25th December 2018 0 By vandanamalaiya

Volunteering , New Friendships, Travel and Weddings

2018 brought in a number of new experiences. I started volunteering with Sahasra Deepika, and NGO which takes care of 80+ children. Founded by the Ramakrishna’s this is a heavenly place which aims at providing the best of education and upbringing to these under privileged children.

Sowmyan got married to Noopur on 12th December. Another two state wedding in the family! We were fortunate to host from Bangalore.

Balki’s son Vikas got married to Upasna on 27th Dec in Bangalore. John’s son Amodh got married to Swathi in Kerela. We could not attend as cousin Anshu’s wedding was in Sagar at the same time. We participated in the wedding of Sanjiv and Anshu’s daughter, Himali and Kiran on 18th Nov at a resort on the banks of a river in Rishikesh. Beautiful location, great wedding. Also a two state wedding!

We followed up the wedding with a visit to Amritsar. What a serene peaceful temple. A must visit for all.

The year also provided us opportunity to meet some friends who are not local. We met Meenakshi and Sandeep at Rishikesh, Anu, Aruna di and Uncle in Bangalore, Joe and Kumkum di also visited Bangalore and so did Vrinda. I met Sangeeta in Mumbai in Feb during my visit to attend the wedding of Abha and Pravinji’s older daughter.

Anshu, the youngest cousin got married in Sagar to Vandita in April. The wedding provided opportunity to meet a lot of the relatives. I also visited Sagar for raksha bandhan. All the neices being present made the trip special.

At Chennai we has the 100th birthday celebrations of Kannan’s aunt.

Early in the year mummy papa came over for Mahamastakabhishek at Shravanbelgola. The event occurs once in 12 years so it was good that both mummy and papa could see it up close in person. Papa even walked up both the hills thought mummy had to use the doli. Mummy took her first helicopter ride over Shravanbelgola!

It has been a pleasure to see Anubhav grow as a professional as well as mature as an individual. He managed a couple of trips one to Italy and another to US. The first one to attend a friend’s wedding in Malta and the second one to present at Google conference and Natural History Museum. His talk “Compensating for conflict: insights from India and a novel conservation intervention” won the best talk award.

The trips coincided with the period when we take our two holidays and brought in the realization that future holidays would perhaps not be together all the time.

As an individual I managed to upgrade my skills in two areas – on the social sector, spending 3 days at Development Dialog was really good. Met folks from a number of NGOs as well as learnt through the talks. Great induction to the sector. I also completed a five day course in NLP. This is an area I have been interested for long. The course triggered further learning through videos and reading.

Another hand on learning came through the association with Sahasra Deepika. Every interaction with the founders and the girls is a lesson in how selfless work of two individuals can transform so any lives. Feel honoured to have been asked to take up the role of trustee and secretary. I was able to rekindle my school day interests in art and using waste material by way of teaching the girls in the summer camp. Also enjoyed sprucing up the place for the 20th anniversary celebrations in June.

Some of our friends and family also had losses. My elder fufaji passed away in May after a long illness. Friend Shankar lost his mother and friend John his younger son in an accident. May their souls rest in peace.

So, many new beginings, some losses, the year by and large was a Joyous one.