A wonderful class graduates

A wonderful class graduates

9th February 2019 0 By vandanamalaiya

Was at the graduation ceremony for the students of 10th grade at Sahasra Deepika School, Deeksha High. The guests for the function were the parents and families of the outgoing students. The program was conducted very professionally with a combination of entertainment and prayers by the 9th graders and a few speeches. A couple of things caught me attention and I thought it would be worth writing about.
The school has children from mixed backgrounds ranging from highly educated and fairly well off to barely literate struggling to make ends meet. It was clear from the behaviour of the children that none of this mattered in their interaction and friendship with each other. The education and value system imbibed by the children will clearly go a long way in making them wonderful human beings.


As part of the program the outgoing children were invited to say anything that they wished to speak. A handful of them did. What I noted
1. They were all very happy children.
2. They were confident and vocal.
3. They exercised their freedom to speak in language(s) of their choice- Hindi, English, Kannada
4. They are fluent in English
5. They expressed enormous gratitude and love for their teachers.
6. Expressed that some of the teachers never scolded, only explained them
7. They remembered to thank all who had helped their stint in the school – the founders, principal, teachers, friends, support staff, security and even bus driver and conductor.

A few parents also spoke when invited. Some of them had their child in the school for the 10 years the school has existed. The gist of their talk was
1. Great decision to have put faith in Deeksha High
2. Child was eager to go to school everyday
3. Learning was excellent
4. One on one attention was given to every child
5. Full freedom to grow as individualI wish I had recorded some of the speeches! It was wonderful to hear appreciation for the teachers and education institute by the students as well as their parents.

I was satisfied. The institution had done it’s job well in terms of imparting the right education to the wards giving them strong wings to fly to a bright future. I wished the students well and left the place in total awe of the Founders, Dr and Mrs Ramakrishna, Dr Sridhar as well as the Correspondent Mrs Syamala, Principal Mrs Shanthi and the teachers and staff for having built such a wonderful institution in just 10 years.